Step Aside, Naked Palette: Gwen Stefani’s Urban Decay Collab Is Pretty Epic

Rachel Adler


The much-anticipated debut of Gwen Stefani‘s collaboration with cult-favorite brand Urban Decay is around the corner, but—of course—product images are already all over social media and spreading like wildfire.

The brand posted the palette to Instagram last night, and all we can say is we may finally be pushing aside our Naked palette in favor of this one. We reached out for more information, but details are being kept under lock and key for the time being, so this is what we know so far: Stefani has created a 15-shade shadow palette with a mix of shimmering neutrals and bold jewel tones in a gorgeous, black, white, and gold case.

Wende Zomnir, founder of Urban Decay, also posted on Instagram, noting “Gwen is a true makeup junkie and was so much fun to work with to create this palette!” We can only imagine the brainstorming sessions of Zomnir and Stefani—both women who love to rock makeup of all shades—trying to narrow the palette down to 15 perfect colors.

After some investigative work (i.e., looking closely at the images), we can see that there are a lot more neutrals than you’d expect from Stefani, a woman known for her love of color. But we’re instantly drawn to the bright pink “Harajuku” shade (an influence Stefani has famously noted throughout her career), the dark metallic blue “Danger,” and the sparkling gold “1987” hue. Plus, the mixture of mattes and metallics gives this palette extra miles—we’re already cataloging all the looks we can create.

The palette has a November 22 launch date, so we’re sure this will be on everyone’s holiday wish list. Here’s hoping you can manage to get it before it sells out.