The Gummy Bear Boob Job Could Be Making Its Way To The Market

Amanda Elser

To say we love gummy bears is putting it mildly — we are addicted — but when we heard that the latest breast implant product was nicknamed the “gummy bear” implant we were slightly confused.

The next generation of silicone breast implants got its name for its firmer gel insides. “If you removed the shell covering, the silicone inside would retain its shape,” said Grant Stevens, a plastic surgeon who gave the new implants their nickname. The reason these firmer implants are so ideal? In the incident of a rupture the implant would retain its shape. While other risks associated with plastic surgery are still the same, a deflated breast is one worry consumers can cross off their list.

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According to Allure, the FDA gave approval to Sientra in March to begin marketing gummy bear implants, and insiders believe approval is coming soon for “form-stable, highly cohesive gel implants” from Allergan and Mentor.

“When you hug someone, it’s so natural feeling. Not hard like my girlfriends’ saline implants. Gummies squish; they’re bouncy,” said one woman who took part in a clinical trial.

The number of breast implants has tripled since 1997, but it is still too soon to tell how this new model will effect the growing numbers. What do you think of “Gummies” breast implants? Do you think they sound like a safer alternative for woman looking for a cosmetic boost? Let us know!