Your Guide to 70s Bangs—What It Takes to Perfect the Look

Victoria Moorhouse


As far as 70s hairstyles go, Farrah Fawcett‘s is by far the most iconic. An exact replica of her flippy and wispy long layers might not be something you’d want to wear day-to-day in 2015 (when you’re normally not attending a decade-themed party, except perhaps on Halloween), elements of that type of style, specifically the bangs, can be worn today without an accompanying outfit of bell-bottoms or a wrap dress with a deep V à la American Hustle.

Not quite side-swept but definitely different than your standard Zooey Deschanel-like fringe, these bangs look great with long, lob, and bob-length haircuts alike. They resemble longer, blunt bangs that are typically cut straight across your forehead right above your brow, but are often styled with a part down the center or a slight wing fanning out to the side on both sides of your face. As this decade continues to make an impact on runway shows and clothing trends, we might as well live up the blast from the past with a ‘do that takes a few cues, right? But be weary–if you’re the type of girl who visits your stylist once a year, this (or bangs in general) might not be for you. Take a look at the expert styling and upkeep tips below to learn how to perfect this vintage-meets-modern day look.

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What to Ask For?
Since this style of bangs is really a mix between blunt and side-swept, you’re going to want to make sure you’re very clear with your translation of the look you’re going for. Nexxus New York Salon Care U.S. Celebrity Stylist Lona Vigi says the best option here is taking along a picture to the salon. Your hair type also plays a part in the success of this style. “The best hair for these bangs are straighter/medium to thick consistency, and the worst is curly because of the work you have to do to get there,” she says.

The Maintenance
We’re going to put it out there—the maintenance for this look is kind of intense and not even visiting your hair salon as often as every three weeks is going to cut it. “The maintenance for these bangs are pretty specific because this look is right above your eyebrows the grow-out is going to be pretty fast and could get in your eyes, depending on how fast your hair grows,” notes Vigi. So what kind of time frame are you looking at? Vigi says that you might want to check-in for a quick trim every 7 to 10 days.

How to Style Your Bangs
Like most cuts, the styling process is highly dependent on your hair type. Thinner or thick straight bangs will react differently to styling than bangs cut on someone who has curly hair.

“If you have thinner hair, apply Nexxus New York Salon Care Mousse Plus Superior Hold Volumizing Foam or Nexxus New York Salon Care HYDRA-LIGHT Root Lift Mist throughout the bangs and then blow-dry them in the direction you want them to be in, blowing down on them using your fingers as your brush,” notes Vigi.

For straight hair that’s thick, try the same process except with a product like Nexxus Gel Superior Hold Sculpting Gel to give the bangs more weight.

“If you have curly hair, this is the hardest to get your look as you need to blow-dry the bang and smooth them out. You have to be careful because you don’t want a round brush look, ” says Vigi.

To get the look, she suggests using a small paddle brush and applying Nexxus New York Salon Care HUMECTRESS LUXE Lightweight Conditioning Mist and then blow-drying. Next, Vigi says to clip them into the style you want and let them set.

Keep Them Looking Fresh
You might not practice washing your hair daily, but bangs generally show oils and limpness quicker than the rest of the locks on your head. So you don’t have to switch up that established routine or dry out your hair with unneeded scrubbing just to make sure your bangs aren’t greasy, Vigi says you can try pulling the rest of your hair up and just wash your bangs or just spray them with dry shampoo—a product that owns our heart.

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