A Guide to Improving Your Lifestyle


In recent articles this year, The Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated referred to Idan Ravin as the “Hoops Whisperer” because of his unique ability to engage, inspire and challenge the many NBA players he trains. Idan has worked with many of the NBA’s elite, including Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets), Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets), Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards), Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers), Elton Brand (Philadelphia 76ers), Jason Richardson (Phoenix Suns) and Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies).

6:00 am- The Alarm rings.
Options: Do I hit the snooze button OR wake up and head to the gym?
Tough choice: Stay committed to the process. Wake up, put on your sweats and head to the gym

6:30 am- Jogging on the treadmill.
Options: I can walk the last 5 minutes at 0.0 incline and at 4.0 speed OR increase my intensity and speed to 7.5 for another 10 minutes
Tough choice: Challenge yourself to make changes. Increase the intensity, speed and the time you exercise.

7:30 am – In the kitchen, preparing for work.
Options: I can buy a sandwich at Cosi near the office OR prepare lunch: 1 chicken breast, some lettuce, 2 bananas and 2 apples
Tough choice: Stay committed to your diet. Bring lunch 3 times a week and eat out (a salad) twice a week.

8:30 am- Arrive at work early.
Options: You can spend an hour checking your Facebook email, read private emails and view your favorite web sites OR you can get started with your assignments.
Tough choice: Discipline creates strength. It’s not necessary to procrastinate. Get started on your assignments.

10:30 am- Short break with coworkers.
Options: You can have a coffee/late with a biscotti from Starbucks or have the grande green tea and banana you brought from home.
Tough choice: Finish what you started. Select the green tea and the banana.

12:30 pm- Coworkers come by your office to complain about work.
Options: You can participate in the complaints OR you don’t contribute to their conversation.
Tough choice: You don’t need to complain. You are not a victim. If you want to make or suggest changes, then do so, but not with negative and unproductive words.

1:00 pm- Lunchtime: coworkers are going to a Mexican restaurant near the office.
Options: You can go and order the fajita salad and diet coke OR you can join your colleagues and bring the grilled chicken and salad you prepared earlier to the lunch.
Tough choice: Have faith in the process. You are committed to living a healthier lifestyle. Decide to have the lunch you prepared earlier that morning.

3:00 pm– Receive an email from your immediate supervisor. She is unhappy with the quality of an assignment.
Options: You defend yourself OR you smile and let her know you appreciate her comments and are committed to doing a better job in the future
Tough choice: Patience and perspective are your strengths. Politely remind her you are committed to the team and will do a better job in the future.

7:00 pm- Happy Hour: coworkers order beers and a large tray of bar food.
Options: Your friends encourage you to graze on the wings OR do you politely decline and elect to snack on the extra power bar you have in your purse.
Tough choice: Peer pressure shouldn’t deter you from what is important to you. Order a glass of wine or some bottle water and snack on the power bar if you are hungry.

7:30 pm- Happy Hour Conversation: friends and colleagues are making fun of the new secretary in the office.
Options: You elect to participate in the gossip OR you say nothing.
Tough choice: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

10:00 pm– Friends want to head downtown for another drink.
Options: You agree to go OR you decline so you can get to bed early. 6:00 am gym time tomorrow morning.
Tough Choice: Early to bed and early to rise. Stay focused on your goals. There will be time on the weekend for later nights.

11:00 pm– Bedtime

Making the Tough Choice puts you 1 day closer to living life on your terms.


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