Makeup Artist Gucci Westman On Color Trends, Celebs and Her Biggest Beauty Fail

Megan Segura

rag bone 4007 ss13 pw Makeup Artist Gucci Westman On Color Trends, Celebs and Her Biggest Beauty FailGucci Westman isn’t just any makeup artist. She’s the makeup artist. Remember Cameron Diaz‘s incredible transformation for the film Being John Malkovich? Yeah, that was Gucci. Not only did she and Cameron go on to be great friends for the past 16 years, but she’s also managed to work with every celebrity under the sun. To celebrate Revlon‘s new Nearly Naked line, Westman, who helps develop products as the brand’s global artistic director, sat down with me to talk about her favorite products, new color trends and her own beauty faux pas.

On Her Own Bad Makeover
When I was 13 I had blondish hair, and we lived in Sweden, and my best friends that lived in California came to stay with us. They decided they should dye my hair dark. They used permanent color and dyed my hair black.  But black, black, like the darkest black you’ve ever seen in your life. My mother cried for weeks. It was so horrendous. It somehow shocked my hair follicle and it was never light again. ”

On Revlon’s Newest Products
“I’m obsessed with the Nearly Naked products. [The pressed powder] feels really nice on your fingers and your skin when you put it on. It feels like cashmere or something. It’s super, super soft, and the shades are great.”

On Pantone’s Color Of 2013
Emerald is the official color of 2013, and if you’re like me, you’re wondering how to incorporate it into your own makeup look. Westman suggests keeping the rest of the face simple when wearing the bold hue. As for finish, “If you wear more of a glowy finish than super powdery and super done, it works better. It also looks nice if you have black mascara, black liner and kind of add the color into it.”

On Holiday Makeup
“I’m obsessed with a velvet-y red lip. Obsessed. That on its own with mascara and a little contour and a primer is really nice for a holiday party.”

On The Upcoming Oscars
Although they are a couple of months away, I’m already excited for the Oscars. When asked which celebrities she’s excited to see come down the red carpet, Westman has one woman in mind. “I love Marion Cotillard. She’s so beautiful, like so talented and gorgeous. I think she will look good. She has a good sense of self and style.”

And as for makeup trends she would like to see at the awards show? “I’d like to see some burnt oranges on the eyes.”