Growing Out Bangs? 10 Ways to Pin Them Back

Molly Carroll

This post goes out to anyone who has bangs or has had bangs – and always, sadly, in the end throws in the towel and ends up growing out bangs. Before cutting the fringe we all have this idea that we will wake up everyday looking like Jane Birkin or Taylor Swift. Unfortunately that is not the case. Our bangs create a mind of their own and most of the time we wake up looking more like Alfalfa. Fortunately for brushes and heat styling tools, we can force our fringe into looking the way we want them to.

However, some days, no matter how hard we try, bangs just do not want to cooperate OR it is too hot to keep them down. So for the days we want to get our bangs off our face, we compiled 10 super cute ways to pin back that pesky fringe of yours. Take a look at the slideshow above for fun hair ideas and let us know in the comments below which look is your favorite!

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