How to Grow Your Roots Out Gracefully

Rachel Krause
Radius Images/Getty Images

Radius Images/Getty Images

Roots are the great nemesis of any hair color junkie, but their presence can be especially traumatizing when your goal is to grow out your natural color. Unlike a few centimeters of regrowth that just needs a quick salon visit to get it under control, growing your hair out entirely means roots that are growing continuously down your head—generally, not a good look, especially if you’ve been dyeing your hair a shade far removed from your natural color. The grow-out process is always going to be a drag, but these easy methods will spare you some of the drama.

Go ombré.
If you’ve dyed your hair several (or more) shades lighter than your natural color and have much darker roots that you’re trying to grow out, ombré is your best bet so long as you’re willing to head back to the salon for a coloring session. Blending your natural color and your dyed color into a sort of gradient effect really helps to take the sting out of growing your hair out, as it eliminates the harsh demarcation line of grown-out roots.

Add a glaze.
You may not want to continue dyeing your hair—which, after all, is probably why you’re growing out your roots!—but a semi-permanent tinted glaze can work wonders to make roots less obvious as they grow. A glaze over the whole head will blend your dyed color with your natural color, so while it won’t hide your roots entirely, it’ll definitely make harsh roots a little less obvious.

Keep cutting it.
The more hair you cut, the sooner your natural grow-out will meet your artificial color in the middle, so that’s less time spent with roots overall. We’re not suggesting that you march into the salon and chop it all off (unless you want to, of course), but getting regular trims will not only keep hair healthy to encourage better growth, but also help to shorten the distance between your roots and the rest of your hair.

Blend with dye.
For a straightforward quick fix, putting a one-step color that matches your roots over your whole head will get the job done post haste. You can continue to maintain this technique until your hair has grown out naturally to your desired length, making the whole deal essentially pain-free.

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