The Affordable Version of Instagram’s Fave Hair Vitamins Dropped at Walmart

Elizabeth Denton
The Affordable Version of Instagram’s Fave Hair Vitamins Dropped at Walmart
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If you’re a woman with an Instagram, chances are you’ve seen advertisements for gummy hair vitamins. And however ubiquitous they may be on social media, hair loss solutions for women are much more scarce IRL. Consider the fact that many popular brands of hair vitamins charge upwards of $30 for a bottle, and you can see how many women are left without viable options. The new Grow Girl hair vitamin brand wants to change that. Grow Girl is hoping to change the conversation around hair loss and thinning, and make these topics ones we talk about with friends over dinner and drinks like it’s NBD.

It can be difficult to admit you have thinning hair, but it’s a real medical problem and is often fixable with the right solutions. It can be due to stress, hormonal changes, certain medical conditions; and some hairstyles that are rough on the scalp. If you notice your hair thinning or you’re losing a lot more strands in the shower, you should first head to your doctor to identify the root cause. Once you get an all-clear in terms of medical conditions, you can try an over-the-counter product like Grow Girl. The brand recently launched in 1,600 Walmart stores to provide a more affordable solution to hair loss and maintenance, and to give women more options. There’s just isn’t much on the market for women, still in 2019. You’ve probably noticed men have prescriptions like Propecia (which isn’t safe for women), and about half an aisle at drugstores.

I recently asked my dermatologist what she recommends for women with thinning hair and she told me the best option currently OTC is Rogaine for Men. (She believes it’s more effective than Rogaine for Women.) It made me think about the shame surrounding women and hair loss. It doesn’t help they’re forced to buy a product created for men. There has to be something more. Luckily brands like Grow Girl are popping up in stores to make it treatment more accessible, and generally less of a downer. Because why does it have to be?

Grow Girl launched with five products, ones to give you a boost of vitamins to stimulate hair growth and also topical scalp treatments to clear any issues with hair follicles that could cause thinning. It’s not a whole system, but products you can pick and choose to decide what’ll work best for you. Here’s a breakdown of the options.

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grow girl hair gummies

Image: Courtesy of Grow Girl

Let It Grow Hair Growth Supplement

This is a good starter option for hair volume maintenance, with biotin and vitamin B12.

grow girl hair gummies

Image: Courtesy of Grow Girl

I’m Bringing Shiny Back Hair Shine Supplement

This shine-targeted gummy vitamin is brimming with vitamin E.

grow girl scalp treatment

Image: Courtesy of Grow Girl

These Roots Are Made for Washing Hair Regrowth Scalp Detox

This scalp detoxifying rinse boasts apple cider vinegar and witch hazel to deep clean follicles and remove debris that may hinder growth.

grow girl hair treatment

Image: Courtesy of Grow Girl

All the Single Strands Women’s Hair Regrowth Treatment

Minoxidil, the active ingredient in both men’s and women’s Rogaine, is found in this more powerful treatment for hair loss.

grow girl rinse stylecaster

Image: Courtesy of Grow Girl

Fresh Rinse of Bel-Hair Hair Regrowth Conditioner

For the naturalistas, this conditioner harnesses calendula and lavender to stimulate and balance your scalp.

Grow Girl is available now in most Walmart stores and on Walmart’s website.