The Great Gatsby Makeup Line is Here; Your Breast Size is Genetic

Rachel Adler

greatgatsby The Great Gatsby Makeup Line is Here; Your Breast Size is GeneticHere’s what’s going on in the beauty world to take you into your weekend:

It looks like The Great Gatsby movie will have at least one makeup collection to coincide with it, as Boots’ No. 7 line will be creating one in the UK. Here’s to hoping it will be available stateside! [Racked]

It has finally been scientifically confirmed that genetics do determine breast size, and along with that, some of those genes (the growth genes) are involved in breast cancer development. Now we’ll see what happens first: genetically altering what size boobs your children will have, or decreasing cancer risks. [Jezebel]

Apparently Hannah Montana’s perfume actually works as a wonderful little raccoon repellent, as we’re sure was the purpose of the product. Watch the video for proof (and then wonder why this man has a raccoon as a pet…). [Fashionista]

Having chip-free nails and a fresh manicure is a must, but letting your nails dry is just plain time-consuming. Here are 5 tips to getting those fingertips dried a bit faster. [Bellasugar]

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