Rule Breakers: Your Graphic Eye Doesn’t Need to Be a Basic Cat Eye Anymore

Shannon Farrell


When the cat eye entered the scene a few years back, it felt intricate – and even daring. Once the likes of Taylor Swift and Lauren Conrad made it a daily staple, it lost its edge—it became a classic opposed to a special occasion go-to. The past few runway seasons, we’ve seen makeup artists amp up the traditional cat eye with graphic designs that highlight the shape of the eye even further. Here are some simple tricks for bold liner novices who border on cat eye provocateurs.

Use the Right Liner
The most intimidating part of trying a new liner look is mishaps. Swipe the liner in the wrong direction just slightly and the whole look requires a redo. And with graphic designs, they require the often unforgiving liquid liner. For a tool that’s easy to maneuver, try the new Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liner. The ultra-fine tip makes it easy to apply for mistake-proof control. Go thin or thick, creating bold, even color in one stroke. For a graphic eye, you want all-day wear, and this liner won’t smudge, fade or transfer after application.

Choose Your Graphic Eye
When first experimenting with the skinny liner, start simple and advance to more intricate versions. Find your fit below, inspired by the runway season’s best looks.

Carven SS14


Under-the-Eye Swipe
The simple design seen at Carven Spring 2014 requires only one sweep. Product solely on the bottom lash line emphasizes the shape without making the eyes appear smaller. Simply drag the skinny liner from the inner corner to the outer, thickening the line as you move to the far corner. The finished product should be crisp with little-to-no smudging.

Blugirl bbt S14


Full Cat Eye 
At Blugirl Spring 2014, the soft cat eye had a slight upgrade with the liner extended into the inner crease. The finished look is polished and casual enough for day wear. The thin tip of the Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liner (it’s only 0.1mm wide) makes reaching the inner eye seamless. Create the inky finish by slightly smudging the top and bottom lash lines.

Missoni bbt S14


Reverse Cat Eye
The mirror effect design seen at Missoni Spring 2014 has even made its way to the red carpet on celebs like model Georgia May Jagger. Similar to the full cat eye, the liner is traced along the entire eye. Concentration of product is focused on the outer and inner corners of the eye, winging out both. The top and bottom lash lines can be as thin or thick as you desire.

Vaccarello bbt S14


Floating Liner
Floating variations refer to liner that essentially floats on the eyelid, not on either lash line. The models at Anthony Vaccarello had a floating triangle shape that squared off the eye. A simpler, more wearable version, is a single line that sits just above the lid crease. Close your eye and trace along the crease, starting from the inside to outer corner of the eye. Colored liner eliminates the need to apply eyeshadow.

Ackermann bbt S14


Coal Liner
Upgrade the full cat eye with a thick coal liner that extends to the lid of the eye, like the style seen at Haider Ackermann. Start with one coat around the eye and continue to thicken the line with three or four additional traces.

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