Grape Extract May Be Your New Diet Miracle

Amanda Elser

According to a small study done in the Netherlands, taking supplements of resveratrol found in grape skin can lower sugar and fat levels in the blood and reduce blood pressure and may mimic the effects of exercise and a low-calorie diet.

In an article in The Guardian, scientists who gave tablets containing purified resveratrol to obese men found it had some positive metabolic effects. Professor Patrick Schrauwen ofMaastricht University in the Netherlands said:”The effects of resveratrol were modest but they consistently point towards beneficial metabolic adaptions.” Although the chemical can be found naturally in grape skin or red wine, there is no evidence that it would be possible to ingest enough to make a noticeable difference.

In addition to lowering the blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity, the resveratol also cut triglycerides fats found in the blood that can increase heart disease risk. It also reduced both sleeping and resting metabolic rate and cut blood pressure.

“Healthy people are good at switching efficiently from using fat as an energy source to glucose in the blood when it becomes available,” said Schrauwen. “The results of our pilot study tended to suggest that might be part of the link to the beneficial health effects of resveratrol, but that needs further study.”

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