Meet Grandma Lill, the Adorable Grandma Doing Makeup Tutorials

Meet Grandma Lill, the Adorable Grandma Doing Makeup Tutorials

Sometimes (like every single morning when our alarm goes off), we think the world is a cruel, cruel place. But then we stumble upon videos of sassy grandmas doing makeup tutorials with Kylie Lip Kits, and suddenly, the clouds part, the sun comes forth, and all is well and wonderful again. So if you’re in a terrible mood on this Wednesday afternoon, we’d like to introduce you to Grandma Lill, the best friend you never had.

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Grandma Lill is the grandmother of Kevin Droniak, a YouTube vlogger who has very kindly decided to put his grandma on the internet for all the world to see (she even has her own channel, very aptly named Beauty Guru Grandma). Aside from being a holiday-loving grandma—is that redundant?—Grandma Lill dabbles in makeup, testing out the Kylie Lip Kits (“tried this stuff and it was OK I guess [sic]”) and creating a bunch of beauty tutorials for Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day.

Within a few seconds of watching any of Grandma Lill’s makeup tutorials, you get the sense that Grandma Lill is not, in fact, a beauty wizard. In her Thanksgiving video, she draws intensely thick eyebrows, saying “Whoa, that’s too much—I can’t do that …. Eh, leave them alone …. Now they’re on fleek,” before brushing brown and orange eyeshadows on her under-eye circles, like war paint.

Needless to say, this is not the Wayne Goss of makeup tutorials. However, it’s freaking hilarious, and watching Grandma Lill shakily apply dark lipstick and comment on the trends of young people is enough to make us happy and brighten our morning. Scroll down to see more of Grandma Lill’s videos, and feel all the warm and happy feels.




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