The Filler-Alternative Lip Plumper That Gives Shoppers ‘The Perfect Pout’ Is Just $19 Right Now

Summer Cartwright
The Filler-Alternative Lip Plumper That Gives Shoppers ‘The Perfect Pout’ Is Just $19 Right Now
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There’s this belief in my friend group that, to get fuller-looking lips in photos and IRL, you have to position your lips the same way they’d be if you said “prune” out loud. According to one gal pal who heard it from another and so on, this is what the Olsen twins do when they’re being photographed by the paparazzi. Do I believe this? No. Is it hilarious to watch my friends say “prune” when they take photos? Absolutely, yes.

I’m here to tell them and to tell you that there’s a way to avoid having to repeat the name of a fruit? (I genuinely have no idea what a prune is) in order to get the pout of your dreams. Heck, you don’t even have to leave your seat to get it. There’s this lip-plumping gloss from Grande Cosmetics—you might have heard of their customer-loved eyelash serum—that shoppers say is the best on the market. And, this week only, you can shop it for $19 thanks to Amazon’s Cyber Monday Sale which ends tonight.

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The GrandeLip clear gloss is something reviewers swear you need in your beauty routine, and today the $27 essential is on sale for 30 percent off. A sale this good usually rarely comes around, so we’re advising you to take advantage while it lasts.

According to shoppers, this plumper works in minutes to make your lips appear fuller. You can use it as a stand-alone gloss or work it into your typical beauty routine with no issue. It’s so loved, that reviewers have gone so far as saying it’s responsible for creating “the perfect pout.”

“It’s hydrating and plumping, and I have noticed a difference in the however many months I’ve been using it (I’ve repurchased it once or twice),” said one person. “It’s consistent quality with the other products I use in their line. The grande brow is also really good. This also leaves a nice color and gloss, so I don’t top it with any additional lip product.”

Grande Cosmetics GrandeLIP

Courtesy: Grande Cosmetics.

This is something ideal to have on hand whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Put it on before a date, girl’s night out, wedding, etc. It’ll give you that little boost of confidence you might need to feel the way you deserve: like a bombshell.

Plus, the brand says it can lead to fuller long-term effects as well as quick plumping moments. A consumer study showed that when shoppers used it two to three times a day for a month, they saw “an increase in overall lip volume.” No wonder reviewers have called it a great alternative to cosmetic procedures.

“This is my absolute go-to lip plumper. Creates a natural full lip with a tint of color. No needles needed,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Doesn’t burn either. It has more of a minty sensation. Perfect application by itself or as a top gloss on a lip color!”

Now, on the count of three, everybody don’t say prune!