The Grand Slam of Lip Balms


Wish you could be a bit more like tennis-ace Serena Williams? (Don’t we all?) Well, her prowess on the court may not be for sale, but her must-have lip balm now is.

Created by Mission Skincare in collaboration with co-founder Serena Williams, Serena’s Pomegranate Lip Balmer with SPF 15 is formulated with soybean oil and cocoa butter to replenish lipids and restore hydration; beeswax, to lock in moisture; and zinc oxide for sun protection. Plus, it’s designed to keep lips smooth in even the toughest conditions (think: the dry, hot, conditions at the Australian Open, which Serena has won an amazing 4 times) and to provide the advanced sun protection much-needed on the court. If this balm is good enough to keep Serena’s lips luscious, it damn well must be good enough for us non-professional-athletes too.

MISSION Skincare Serena Williams’ Pomegranate Lip Balmer SPF 15, $3.99,