‘Gossip Girl’ Through the Years: Serena and Blair’s Best Beauty Moments

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‘Gossip Girl’ Through the Years: Serena and Blair’s Best Beauty Moments
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Can you believe that after six seasons, “Gossip Girl” is having it’s two hour finale tonight? After all the drama, scandals, affairs, elegant (and slutty) outfits, and envious hair and makeup, we can’t wait to see what tonight’s episode brings. Will Blair bring back all her famous headbands (and marry Chuck) and pink pouty lips? Will Serena show us another cool braid we must do while we watch her destroy another relationship?

Serena’s typical beachy waves have worked well with her carefree and almost careless personality while Blair’s more polished curls have complimented her royal persona well. There’s been some dark eyeshadows that don’t work well on Blair and Serena’s hair has sometimes gone a little too wild, but throughout the show there are some beauty moments we must recognize.

Click through the slideshow to see iconic beauty looks from Serena and Blair. They could definitely woo anyone over (especially us) with these to-die-for hairstyles and perfect lips. Let us know in the comments below which ones are your favorite and if we missed any notable looks!

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Throughout season one, Blair was known for her brunette bouncy locks and large headbands and we're kind of hoping she'll bring them back tonight for the finale.

Serena usually has the best hairdos for all the elite parties throughout the seasons. In season one she had a teased mane for Eleanor Waldorf's photo shoot that gave a performance of its own.

These voluminous waves and pink pouty lips on Blair Waldorf in season one is the perfect girly look many of us strive to achieve. The small headband adds a little bit of Blair's personality without overdoing it.

This is one of Blair's most iconic looks from season one. She wore a braided updo and large floral headband to Lily's wedding to Bart Bass. 

At Lily and Bart's wedding, Serena had a messy but chic updo and smokey eyes that went so well with her dress.

In the first episode of season two Serena had one of the best updos of all time. Her whole look was Grecian with a silver head band wrapped around a couple times before falling over her shoulder.

In season two Serena left her long waves at home and went for this extremely teased updo that looks gorgeous on her, but we know if we tried it we would look a little ridiculous. 

In the last episode of season two Blair ditched her headbands for this large hat and side bun paired with red lips for a very romantic look. 

Some of Blair's best beauty looks happen to be dreams where she's portraying Audrey Hepburn or some other classic lady. In season three she envisioned herself with this gorgeous hairstyle and classic lined eyes and red lips. 

Serena switched up her textured beach waves for these vintage finger waves in season four, and she's absolutely stunning.


We must admit that this is the last hairstyle we would think Blair would choose to wear to her royal wedding, but that aside, we like the long textured waves that's usually seen on Serena.

Serena fit in well in California with her beachy waves. In season five she had extra textured hair that looked even cuter when it was loosely tied back.

Serena is known for her messy updos and braids and this was one of her best yet in season six.

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