Google’s Top Trending Searches for 2019 Include Fake Lashes, Lip Scrub and Coconut Oil

Elizabeth Denton
Google’s Top Trending Searches for 2019 Include Fake Lashes, Lip Scrub and Coconut Oil
Photo: ImaxTree.

It’s hard to believe 2019 is almost over but one of the best parts of a year ending is doing a bit of a postmortem. That’s why everyone was sharing their top songs and artists on Spotify and why we still post Instagram’s Best Nine. Now, we know Google’s top trending searches for 2019, too, as the company just released the Year in Search. Being as beauty-obsessed as we are, of course we’re fascinated by reliving everything we loved in 2019—even the things we hope to leave there.

Google’s Year in Search showcases people, topics, events and places that “captured the world’s attention,” according to the company. It spans across pop culture, lifestyle, sports, music, news and a ton more. Some aren’t surprising at all and others caused us to actually Google the topic ourselves. We’re not surprised that “how to apply..fake lashes,” “liquid foundation” and “self-tanner, as well as “how to make your nails grow faster” are among the top trending searches. We’ve tested enough of the products throughout the year and written about all of them, too.

It looks like skincare was on everyone’s mind, as well, as “how to apply…toner” and “primer” are also in the top trending searches. We also expected “how to apply coconut oil to hair” to be on the list as there are a ton of questions about the efficacy of the natural hair hack.

As for the surprises, “how to make lip scrub” is on the list as well as the puzzling “how to apply Color Street nails.” We didn’t realize the former was still such an interest (just mix brown sugar, honey and coconut oil) and the latter is something you might not have heard of. If you didn’t know, Color Street is an MLM company based out of New Jersey. It’s possible people are joining the company as “stylists” and need to figure out how to get the things on their nails first.

As for totally random top trending searches, “how to make a fake nose ring” and “how to make temporary tattoos” are up there so whatever angsty teen is looking for these, well, we are honestly no help.