Gone Goes Goopy Gel


Bumble and Bumble allows us all to bid adieu to sticky, goopy, and impossible to get out hair gels. Instead, the company that has brought us so many must-have hair care products, adds two new at-home products to their line up that will send all our other hair gels packing. Both, inspired by the products needed for complex editorial hairstyles, give editorial-worthy results without the hassle.

The first, Bumble and Bumble’s Bb. Gel, is formulated with a unique polymer blend to effectively hold your style while still allowing your hair to move naturally and flexibly. The best part of this innovative formula, however, is the fact that it can easily be brushed out, allowing you to switch styles midday without having to shampoo.

The second of Bumble and Bumble’s new gel-replacements, the Gellac, is for the wanna-be-professional in all of us. An extreme sculpting gel designed for helmet-like hold, as used in editorial sessions or at home styles worthy of the same attention, it freezes shapes with a lacquer-hard, glistening finish, ideal for intricate styles. Unlike other products designed to achieve similar results, however, Bumble and Bumble assures consumers that their Gellac will wash out easily with any Bb. Shampoo.

Which will do for your do?

Bumble and Bumble Bb.Gel, $24; Gellac, $24; bumbleandbumble.com

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