How to Go Longer Between Hair Cuts

Aly Walansky
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We know the rules: The ideal is to visit the salon for a trim every six weeks (or is it?). But whether it’s an issue of budget or life getting in the way, sometimes six weeks becomes eight. Or longer. Here’s how to go longer without visiting the salon (and hide the evidence when we really need to).

Create some texture.
“Create casual texture on hair that’s a bit longer and grown-out by using a styling and finishing spray, like American Crew Alternator ($15, Spray liberally through slightly damp hair and use hands to push hair off the face for lasting versatility and a controlled messy finish for both men and women with any length of hair,” says Paul Wilson, artistic director at American Crew and co-owner of Art + Science Salon in Chicago.

Updos are a great redo.
Hair plagued by split ends and way too much over-grown shag? Consider a fun updo. “I like a low, pulled-apart fish braid twisted into a loose knot. You can achieve this by doing a two-strand plait,” says Janelle Chaplin, O&M creative director. Plaiting from the outside and going inwards, braid the hair in tight, then pull it apart at the end, twisting it around itself and securing with a grip. Finish with a light spritz of O&M Original Queenie ($25.95,

Use hot tools to create a different look.
Using a flat iron or curling iron to create curls or a nice little flip at the end of straight hair will give the hair a more polished look. “Hair will look more vibrant and hide flat dull hair,” says Marta Wilczynski, a stylist at Style Bar Hair Bar & Day Spa in Palm Beach.

Add some volume.
Flip your hair under, spray with dry shampoo and brush from under as you blowout. Hair in need of freshening up is often sad and flat looking. Adding volume can give new life to an old style.

Trim your bangs.
This sounds counter intuitive, right? But no. Most stylists will give you a quick bang trim for free—that is, if you go to them for your regular stylings, of course. While you can hide that you need a trim, you can’t hide that those bangs are in your eyes. If bang upkeep is too much for you, maybe you aren’t a bangs sort of girl. Consider compromising with side-swept bangs. They grow out very easily, and don’t need constant upkeep.

Experiment with different styling products.
We live in a world where styling products are abundantly available. “Play around with a sea salt texturizing spray. They build volume while creating a messy lightweight texture,” says Wilczynski.

Use a hydrating deep conditioning mask to help improve the integrity of your hair.
The right product can help to further prevent split ends in between salon visits and even conceal them. Using a conditioning hair mask helps to improve the appearance of unsightly split ends, leaving your hair luminous.

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