People Are Using Glue Sticks to Draw Perfect Eyebrows, and It’s Insane to Watch

People Are Using Glue Sticks to Draw Perfect Eyebrows, and It’s Insane to Watch
Photo: ImaxTree

Alright, so it’s no secret that the beauty world is borderline obsessed with hair and makeup transformations. Whether it’s with celebrities drastically chopping off and coloring their hair or people inventing and applying interactive LED eyelashes, we can’t open our social feeds without discovering a brand-spanking new beauty craze. And while we thought there was no trend or hack left that could truly surprise us, we might have just discovered the coolest one yet: using a glue stick to draw seriously perfect, Instagram-worthy eyebrows.

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Yup, your tried-and-true Elmer’s Glue Stick has graduated from its arts and crafts days and entered the beauty sphere. In a recent video re-posted by Anastasia Bevery Hills, a woman with pencil-thin, itty bitty eyebrows gets a total transformation with the help of a few thick layers of glue swiped across her brow bones and a hefty layer of setting powder. It sounds weird—and we definitely wouldn’t recommend it for everyday use, because chemicals, irritation, etc.—but it’s a technique that’s been used and loved within the drag community for years, because it really does work.

Basically, the glue and powder work together to form a quick-and-easy prosthesis to mask the brows you’ve got and create a clean canvas for whatever you want to draw. In the video, the woman’s brows get covered with glue, then set with concealer and powder to completely hide her natural brows, leaving her with a blank slate to sculpt hella-pretty brows that look surprisingly natural. We’ve also seen the glue stick trick heralded by Halloween enthusiasts and even makeup artists themselves, with all-star Sir John (a.k.a. Beyonce’s go-to makeup wizard) swearing by glue sticks as a brow tamer. Again, we don’t suggest you slather your face in glue every morning, but if you’re dying to try a new look—or just see what you look like without eyebrows—go break out your glue stick and start drawing.


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