Glossier Unveils Its First Fragrance on Instagram

Glossier Unveils Its First Fragrance on Instagram
Photo: Getty Images

It’s safe to say we, and the 10,000 people who sit on wait lists, have been obsessed with Glossier since it first launched in 2014. Founder and blogger Emily Weiss  releases new products at the same rate Beyoncé shares Instagram photo collages, which brings us to the newest must-have—a fragrance titled, “Glossier You.”

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During a Top Shelf event in August, Weiss hinted that a fragrance was in the works and later told Vogue that the perfume would be a subtle scent with equal parts powder, musk, and the zing of freshly cut iris.

Yesterday (Oct. 11), the brand finally unveiled a first look on Instagram and included even better news in the caption: you can get a free sample before it hits shelves sometime this fall.  When you order anything online, like the new Body Hero Wash or Wowder Finishing Powder, you’ll get a bonus sample of the perfume. And people on Instagram are already loving the scent.

User @sophersduncan says, “this sample was in my order and it’s literally the best perfume I’ve ever smelt I can’t wait for it to come out!”

When describing Glossier You, Weiss says, “it’s the woman, not the fragrance—nor the woman behind the fragrance—that should be recognizable.” Everyone’s new favorite boss lady scent has officially arrived.