Everything You Need to Know About Glossier’s Newest Multitasker

Everything You Need to Know About Glossier’s Newest Multitasker
Photo: ImaxTree.

Cloud Paint has always been my favorite Glossier product. On the rare occasion that I do wear makeup, blush is often the last thing on my mind. But when I actually remember to throw some on, I use this because one, the adorable tube always catches my eye and two, the color shows up in a subtle, sort-of perfect way. My only complaint is that it’s incredibly difficult to remove. For that reason, I am almost too excited for the just-released Glossier Milky Oil ($12).

Though I have yet to actually try it out, the ingredients alone have me convinced it will get the job done. Plus, makeup removers that aren’t wipes will always rank high on my list. It’s described as a “makeup erasing oil” made up of micelles that act as a magnet for cosmetics as well as conditioning oils to ward off irritation associated with heavy-duty removal. There’s also Vitamin B-5 for added moisture and Comfrey Root extract, a plant-derived ingredient rich in allantoin for targeting dryness. Think Makeup Eraser, but liquid. When shaken, the two substances emulsify to create a silky texture that I can imagine is the equivalent of a satin pillowcase for hair.

Glossier Milky Oil.


In short: it’s going to literally melt away that stubborn waterproof mascara and deeply-pigmented lipstick without you having to rub and rub and rub your skin until it’s raw to the touch. There are a couple different ways you can use the affordable newbie. With the help of the brand’s cotton rounds ($4), use it to specific target the eye and lip areas. Or you can apply it all over as the first step in a double-cleansing routine.

Though we’re sure it would pair well with any cleanser, the Milky Oil’s lightweight formula was actually inspired by the Milky Jelly Cleanser ($9+), so keeping it in the Glossier family is highly recommended. Lastly, if you’re looking to keep your makeup on, but need to correct a crooked cat eye or bleeding lip line, you can wick away mistakes without leaving behind grease.

Sounds like a dream right? Such is the case with almost every Glossier drop. Shop it stat on the brand’s website.