Would You Try a Gel Cleanser This Winter? We Did and Here’s What Happened

Victoria Moorhouse

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I can’t deal with cleansers that make my face feel dry, dehydrated, and tight, especially when I already have sub-30 degree, January temps working against my complain. Using a faulty cleanser also just leads me to making other bad beauty decisions, like not taking off every square inch of my makeup because I’m scared of the suds.

So when a cleanser claims to take everything off while leaving my skin feeling fine—AKA not flaking off—it’s all hands on deck. And given my profession, I’m going to test it out. Glossier’s Jelly Milky Cleanser ($18, glossier.com) landed on my desk with that promise, along with a super cool name, so I brought it home and gave it a shot.

I’ll be honest. The name of this new product from Glossier is really what grabbed my attention. How can something be jelly and milky at the same time? Come on…

However, it lives up to the moniker. The formula looks like a clear gel that’s incredibly easy to spread over your skin, but once you add water, it feels light and creamy like a face milk.

While it can be used as a straight-up eye makeup remover on dry skin (and one Daily Makeover editor swears by that), I used it in the shower as my final cleanse. I used the 1-2 pumps as suggested, massaged it over my face, and rinsed. Maybe my “1-2 pumps” were a little too generous, but I felt like I had to really rinse to get everything off. I was more than pleased to find that after I toweled off my face, I didn’t feel like I needed to rush to apply 16 globs of moisturizer to my face. That’s right, I didn’t feel dry or tight.

I can say it did remove the remnants of my brow gel and my shadow, but my mascara is a long-lasting mythical creature that literally never comes off.  I continued this trend for about a week and a half, and I haven’t had any bad experiences thus far…unless my skin has some crappy plan in store for me.

However, if you’re only into natural cleansers, you might want to reconsider. It’s formulated with quite a few chemicals and the same ingredient that’s used to clean contact lenses—so clearly gentle, but also kind of strange. However, it is sulfate and fragrance-free, which gives it a few bonus points for sure.

On the bright side, it’s made with rosewater, which I suspect is what is leaving my skin so soothed.

Considering I’ve had no unfortunate results, I would be OK with keeping up the habit and hopefully my happy skin would be, too.

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