I Tried Glossier’s New Brow Flick and Here’s What I Really Think

Elizabeth Denton
I Tried Glossier’s New Brow Flick and Here’s What I Really Think
Photo: Glossier.

I have a confession to make. Glossier Boy Brow is not my favorite eyebrow product. I don’t dislike the cult-favorite brow gel and use it when I’m in the mood but it’s not enough of a brow filler for me to fall head over heels. That’s why I was so excited about Brow Flick—Glossier’s newest eyebrow product that just might become as huge as Boy Brow. Like many people, my eyebrow hair grows quickly and in abundance, but often not in the places I want. I constantly have to wax but also like to fill in sparse areas and give the ends a little more definition. Brow Flick promises to do just that: deposit fine, hair-like strokes that look make brows look natural and full. Then you can use Boy Brow on top to groom it all into place.

When I first played around with Brow Flick, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I drew on my hands with the brush applicator and the color came out pretty sheer. But when I started drawing on my brows, I knew just how wrong I was. Following the directions, I held the brow pen at a downwards angle and lightly etched tiny lines.

(Please excuse my makeup-free face because I like to do my brows before anything else.)

glossier brows sparce

Image: Elizabeth Denton.

Brow Flick comes in Blond, Brown and Black. I’m brunette but I ended up liking the Blond shade better. Brown felt too harsh on me but I can see it working well on someone else. I sort of just went to town and drew faux-hair all throughout my brows, focusing on areas that have less fullness. When I liked the shape, I popped on a little Boy Brow and groomed them upwards.


glossier brows

Image: Elizabeth Denton.

I’m in love. You can see how full my brows look but they’re not that overly lined Instagram Brow that can be a little too intense for every day. I like this shape much better than my usual eyebrows.

Although I didn’t rush to the gym to sweat, I can tell the water-resistant claims are on-point. When I originally switched from Brown to Blond, I had to use makeup remover to get all the product off. People with very sparse brows are going to be obsessed with the staying power.

glossier brow flick

Image: Glossier.

The best thing about Brow Flick is there’s not much like it on the market. Other brush pens I’ve tried have looked a little too much like a magic marker drew on my face. This one did not at all, which is probably why the formula is a bit sheer for a more natural look. Eyebrows are so personal and the same thing doesn’t work for everyone. But Brow Flick worked for me and I’ll be adding it to my daily routine.

Brow Flick retails for $18 and the Brow Flick + Boy Brow Duo is $30. Both are available on the Glossier website today.

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