Who Knew That Having Brows Like a Boy Was a Good Thing?

Rachel Krause
Courtesy of Glossier

Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

In a massive departure from my 16-year-old self, I no longer tweeze my brows—or worse, get them waxed at random intervals in sketchy nail salons—but rather let them grow wild and free, as they please. They’re happy this way, I like to think. But without the help of a few indispensable products, I just wouldn’t be able to get away with it. I have a decent set, sure, but I’m no Cara Delevingne; my brows are sparse in areas, and though they’re very dark, the gaps between hairs can look super obvious against my pale skin.

I’ve sworn by the same brow grooming routine for a while now (brush up with a spoolie, fill in and shape with & Other Stories Eyebrow Crème and a tiny angled brush, and go), so I wasn’t really in the market for a new squeeze. But I still felt compelled to try the brand new Glossier Boy Brow ($16) since I’ve enjoyed so many of the brand’s other products.

As someone who lives and dies by a thick, bold brow, I didn’t expect to like Boy Brow as much as I do. It doesn’t deposit as much precise pigment as I require, so I’ve been using it over my usual product rather than on its own, but the finish it provides is what I’m really excited about, and why it’s really worth the extra step for me.

Glossier says the texture is inspired by a traditional hair pomade, and they’re right on target: It has a soft, natural, almost mousse-like effect that doesn’t make brows look shiny and slick (because brows never should). It also has great hold, and brushing my filled-in brows up with a few strokes makes them look Brooke Shields–bushy all day long in the best way possible.

If you, like me, prefer your brows to look a little messy, a little overgrown, and totally natural (like a boy, perhaps?), Boy Brow is your jam. It may not be for the put-together perfectionist in you, but if you always want your beauty with a chaser of edge, Boy Brow will get you there. I love the idea of a clean face, a little bit of lipstick, slightly unruly brows, and nothing else—so fresh.

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