GlamGlow’s New 60-Second Bubble Mask is the Ultimate On-The-Go Treatment

GlamGlow’s New 60-Second Bubble Mask is the Ultimate On-The-Go Treatment
Photo: Courtesy of GlamGlow

Face-masking and self-care rituals go hand-in-hand, whether the latter is hours-long or just a few minutes. But realistically, those longer moments are hard to come by, which is why GLAMGLOW’s new Instamud 60-Second Pore-Refining Treatment is your new, on-the-go saving grace.

If you didn’t investigate the hype surrounding its Glitter Mask back in December, now’s your turn to test out another buzzy formula. This time around, it’s a oxygenating bubble mask that claims to refine pores and brighten skin, all in one minute. The most talked-about ingredients are witch hazel and aloe vera, both natural astringents, as well as bentonite and kaolin clays. The former two work to tone and brighten skin, while the others detoxify and deliver a boost of moisture, making it an ideal skin treatment just before applying your makeup.

This is how it works: simply smooth a thin layer over your skin, without rubbing it in. Allow it to sit for a minute, as the liquid formula transforms into tiny bubbles. After a minute has passed, you can rinse with warm water and go about your day. 

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glamglow instamud GlamGlows New 60 Second Bubble Mask is the Ultimate On The Go Treatment

Courtesy of GlamGlow

And if we haven’t said it enough already, you’ll be in and out with refreshed skin in just one minute. That means you can throw it in your carry-on, bring it to work, or quickly apply it before an event in a pinch. 

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The best news of all, though, is there’s no waiting; you can head over to GLAMGLOW to purchase the Instamud 60-Second Pore-Refining Treatment for $42 right now. TBH, it might take you more time to purchase it than the whole masking process takes. We’re not complaining one bit. 

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