Beauty Buzz: Gisele’s Makeup Artist Spills Her Secrets, Caffeine Can Help Thinning Hair, More

Rachel Adler
Gisele Bundchen

Leah Puttkammer/Getty

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1. Gisele’s makeup artist gives all of her beauty and wellness knowledge for the new year, so listen up. [The Cut]
2. Lena Dunham is back to brunette – for now. [Glamour]
3. These surprising high fiber foods can help with your weight loss, so add ’em into your diet. [Daily Makeover]
4. In love with green juice but don’t want to spend the cash on one every morning? Here are 13 recipes to make them yourself. [StyleCaster]
5. Caffeine may actually help your hair thinning problems (and your low energy). We thought we couldn’t love our lattes any more than we already do! [Allure]