How Gigi Hadid Achieves Her Perfect Nude Lip Color

How Gigi Hadid Achieves Her Perfect Nude Lip Color
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A nude lip can make a powerful, minimalist statement—while making the look all about you. But finding the perfect nude lip color can often prove to be a never-ending challenge of mixing, blending, and dropping more cash than we’d like to on new lipsticks that just might be the right color.

But a new hack has arrived, courtesy of self-proclaimed “nude lipstick enthusiast,” Gigi Hadid, who revealed her go-to nude lip trick to W Magazine recently. Get ready, because it’s probably not what you think. “I always wore nude pretty much until I started working, I started wearing colored lips,” she said. “But before that, in high school my first makeup was Maybelline 24 Hour Concealer, and I used to put it on my lips because I hated how dark my lips were. And I still do that.”

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No wonder the 22-year-old model’s perfect pout always blends into her face seamlessly—it’s the exact color of the concealer matched to her skin. We’re taking this recommendation and running with it, mainly because we can make the lip darker or lighter depending on how much concealer we apply. That means we can get a true nude, or something a little lighter.

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If you’re not up for double-dipping into your concealer, you can check out Hadid’s new line with Maybelline, where she focused specifically on nude lip colors, she told W. But TBH, either way we’re going to be trying out this trick ASAP, because in the end, it all comes to down to money and time… and nailing that tricky perfect lip shade.