Uhh, You Need to See What Gigi Hadid Looks Like With Curly Hair

Uhh, You Need to See What Gigi Hadid Looks Like With Curly Hair
Photo: Getty Images

We feel, at this point, that we’ve seen Gigi Hadid in most styles and looks, including graphic eyeliner and tiny braids, just-walked-out-of-the-ocean wet, ridiculously perfect messy hair, and about one-billion other screenshot-worthy looks that we wish we could pull off but probably couldn’t (at least, not without our own personal glam squad). But the one look we haven’t really seen her in? Curls. Big, fat, voluminous curls. Until, of course, yesterday, when Hadid posted a picture of herself with insanely pretty, natural-looking curls, and the world swooned.

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Or, OK, only we swooned. But she looks really, really good. Hadid Instagrammed the photo yesterday, with the caption, “Sundays …” with a rose emoji, a coffee emoji, and an egg and frying pan emoji. In the photo, Hadid has pounds of messy, textured curls piled on top of her head, tied up with a white bandana, lookin’ chill. Though we know the photo is from a photoshoot (meaning Hadid didn’t just candidly take this photo at home), we’re still obsessed with the look.

As we’ve seen in the last few months, curls are finally getting the love they deserve in the red-carpet circle, with Selena Gomez, Jasmine Sanders, and Kerry Washington proudly showing off their curls. Of course, Hadid doesn’t have natural curls, but we’re still happy to see curly hair featured in some way, even if it’s just in a photoshoot. Now excuse us while we try ty to recreate these curls on ourselves at home.

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