Gigi Hadid Is The Latest Model With Pastel Hair

Victoria Moorhouse
Getty Images

Getty Images

Gigi Hadid‘s tousled blonde hair has pretty much made her a beach babe poster child, which is why we we’re so surprised to see she went blue. You read that right: Hadid debuted freshly dyed strands at a David Jones GUESS Jeans event in Australia.

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Only on the tips of her hair, it’s not nearly as dramatic as fellow model Georgia May Jagger’s full-on rainbow mane, but it’s still a pretty big change for Gigi, considering her normally tame beauty choices. Up until this point, Hadid was known for her perfect beachy waves, glowing skin and neutral makeup, so the grungy brown lipstick and graphic cat-eye she wore for her mane debut made it seem like an even bolder move.

Whether or not this was a permanent dye or just the work of really natural-looking extensions, we’re not sure. Maybe Kylie Jenner‘s bold moves rubbed off on her.

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