GIF Guide: 8 Makeup Let Downs We All Experience

Augusta Falletta

We search high and low for the best makeup, but that’s often easier said than done. It’s a right of passage for women to go through all of the bad, ugly, and terrible quality products in the world before we find the products that become our trusty cosmetic bag staples.

Considering the fact that we’ve tested practically every eyeliner, lipstick and concealer under the sun, we’ve seen some winners and some absolute duds. We know that you’ve likely had more than one makeup let down in your life, so to commiserate together, we’ve pulled together eight makeup let downs that happen to every woman. Read on below!

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Until you find the exact brand, color name and number of the foundation that magically matches your exact skin tone, you’ll go through a slew of wrong matches. One of those wrong matches will inevitably make you look way, way too orange. 

tan mom

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You opt for the “We swear it lasts without smudging a full 24 hours because we all wear our lipstick for a full 24 hours and we know!” lipstick, and after about 30 minutes, color is bleeding and you’re looking a little Joker-y. 

joker gif 7 GIF Guide: 8 Makeup Let Downs We All Experience

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You follow some YouTube smokey eye tutorial that has 1.2 million views, but doesn’t even mention blending the shadow, and you wind up looking like an extra on “Ru Paul’s Drag Race.”


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“But the $2 mascara says it won’t clump! I don’t think it’ll clump! If I wiggle the brush just right, there aren’t any clumps!” There are clumps. 

Clumps Mascara

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You believe whatever dream that infomercial salesperson was spewing, who told you that “all it takes is one swipe to oil-free skin!” Lies. 

apply foundation

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You forgot to buy waterproof makeup remover for that waterproof makeup, and you’re left with a sad, hot mess version of Lauren Conrad’s little mascara tear. 

waterproof eye makeup remover

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Blush always looks so normal in the packaging. Then you put it on and look like you ran the New York City Marathon, but with less sweat happening in your hair. 

blush GIF Guide: 8 Makeup Let Downs We All Experience

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Those people who tell you that concealer lasts 48 hours? They clearly aren’t washing their makeup off anyway, so let’s not take their advice. But, makeup that doesn’t last as long as it should is just a travesty. It’s a cruel world out there, folks. 

ice cream melting

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