Your Giant Holiday Nail Polish Guide for 2013

Jaclyn Sciara
Your Giant Holiday Nail Polish Guide for 2013
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With so much to think about during this busy time of year (gifts, cocoa, cookies, cake and more), you can’t forget what your nails will be wearing to all your festive occasions!  To make your holiday look complete, you have to have super awesome nails too, obviously. Whether attending a party or just snuggling in pajamas with your family, these colors will have you swooning.

We have glitters, textures, sheens, and more that we selected from the various holiday collections of nail polish. Flip through the slideshow and let us know in the comments below what polish you will be rocking this holiday season!

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The best holiday nail polishes. Period. 

You can't beat the combination of platinum and gold during the festive season. This holiday polish is pleasantly named hors d'oeuvres and people will be staring at your nails all night because of it, especially when going for an extra coconut shrimp.

Essie Hor D'oeuvres $8.50,

This blue will help you shoot the winter blues right away with the gorgeous sheen it has.

Essie Lots of Lux $8.50,

Break this amazing number out for your holiday party, it looks like confetti!

Essie Peak Of Chic $8.50,

This navy and gold glitter will have you thinking your nails are little wrapped presents.

Essie On a Silver Platter $8.50,

This polish screams festive and should be paired with some holiday cookies in hand.

Jinsoon Polish in Gala $20,

This glitter will make your nails glisten like a fresh pair of ice skates, definetely a must have for this season.

Jinsoon polish in Soiree $20,

JINSoon's cranberry confetti polish is sure to complete any festive outfit you have planned for your holiday get together.

Jinsoon Polish in Fete $20,

This shade is perfect for when the ball is about to drop on New Year's Eve.  It has a gorgeous liquid sand texture and look to it that will dazzle a crowd.

OPI polish in Kiss Me At Midnight $8.50,

You'll be sure to grab your crush under the mistletoe wearing this tantilizing deep red polish.

OPI Polish in Underneath The Mistletoe $8.50,

This chunky glitter polish is snow day approved and must be combined with a steaming cup of hot chocolate (and extra whip cream).

OPI polish in I Snow You Love Me $8.50,

This top coat will have you pondering winter night skies all day long with its twinkling effect.

Butter London Stardust Overcoat $15,

This polish gives off a chrome sheen that would be the statement piece to any look you're rocking this winter season.

Butter London Polish in Petrol Overcoat $15,

Make your Christmas tree jealous with this amazing glitter.

Sephora X Polish in Lightning $12.50,

If you're still on the hunt for that perfect holiday red, look no more.  This color is rich and vibrant and perfect for all your festive needs.

NARS Polish in Tomorrows Red $19,

This gold glitter polish is perfect for any holiday occasion or gift as it comes as a cute ornament already!

Sephora Formula X Polish in Holiday Ornament $14, 

This graphite colored polish is extravagent for any holiday gala or time spent by the fire with the family.

Lancome Polish in Greys $15,

If its not snowing where you are, make some snowflakes on your nails!  This polish gives a gorgeous texture to the nails and that baby blue is just like the winter sky.

Zoya Polish in Mosheen $8,

We can't help but think of sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads while wearing this color.

Zoya Polish in Belinda $8,

This polish has us dreaming of a crackling fire and the sound of cinders popping.

Zoya Polish in Payton $8,

This polish demands that you go on a sleigh ride with a million jingle bells ringing.  

Zoya Polish in Cassedy $8, 

This bright number will have people questioning your nail color all night long!

Cult Nail Polish in All Out $12,

While everyone is wearing red polish, opt to rock a dark green color that is just as festive but with a twist.

Cult Nail Polish in Coveted $12,

Keep nails looking super sweet with this adorable purple hue and never question a second helping of holiday desserts.

Cult Nail Polish in Love At First Sight $12,

This polish creates a snow like texture on your nails so it can snow for you everyday!

China Glaze Polish in There's Snow One Like You $5,

This multi-colored glitter is a mesmerizing polish, you'll be thinking your nails are presents!

China Glaze Polish in Your Present Required $5,

This red has the perfect amount of suddle glitter that will just shimmer off the tips of your hands.

China Glaze Polish in Elfin Around $3,

This shimmering polish has us thinking about a midnight winter sky with little glistening stars.

China Glaze Polish in All Wrapped Up $5,

We love a good nude, especially one with sheen, and this color totally resembles a gingerbread man.

Color Club Polish in Sugar Rays $8,

This super fine glitter can work great on its own or over a festive polish!

Color Club Polis in Apollo Star $8,

This color is the perfect opaque white that can brighten up any dreary winter day.

Color Club Polish in Lady Holiday $8,

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