Get The Look: A Peek-A-Boo Braid Headband

Shannon Farrell

Have you ever seen those braided headbands that are supposed to look like your hair? Only problem is, it’s almost impossible to find one that looks realistic. Instead, the braids clearly look fake and, sadly, a little tacky. So instead, I’ve decided to use my real hair to create that same look. Sometimes a little extra work is worth it.

How To Braid Headband

Photos: Daily Makeover

Step 1: Start with a center or side part. Gather a section of hair for the braid just below your right ear. Make sure that it won’t be visible where you pulled the hair.

Step 2: Braid the entire strand. Depending on how you want it to look, go with a tight or loose braid. Personally, I go with a tight braid for a more structured look. (But if your hair is a little bit shorter than mine, you may want to go with a loose braid because your hair will travel farther across your head.)

Step 3: Finish the braid with an elastic. Don’t worry about what elastic you’re using. You will be taking it out soon enough.

Step 4: Pull the braid over your head at the crown and place behind your left ear.

Step 5: Remove the elastic and hold the braid in place with two bobby pins by crossing them over in an X.

FYI: You need hair three inches below your shoulder to get this look.  If your hair is shorter, try clip-in extensions, such as Pop Put On Pieces ($8.50-$49, What we love about this braid is that the hair actually looks real. And for a price like that, you really can’t beat it.

What do you think of our real braid headband?