Get Spring-Ready Skin, Care of Kate Somerville


When it comes to shedding winter layers, we’re not just thinking about our clothing. To prep our complexions for a season meant to be spent outdoors, The Inside Source, eBays digital style magazine, sent contributor Bee-Shyuan Chang straight to a pro for some exfoliation and skin renewal tips.

Ever since she launched her medi-skin clinic on Melrose Place 15 years ago, L.A.-based Kate Somerville has been Hollywood’s go-to for flawless skin. (Jessica Alba, Renee Zellweger and Lauren Conrad are just a few among her industry fans.) While her skincare line has long been beloved by editors and beauty buffs alike, this spring, Somerville is set to introduce a round of a new products especially targeted for the sunnier months.

Scheduled for a March delivery, ExfoliKate Acnewhich tweaks the original popular face scrub ExfoliKatewill hit beauty counters nationwide. It’s a beefed up version featuring a gentle jojoba bead plus a balanced combo of four acids meant to slough off skin without showing up red-faced. Besides, it’s especially ideal for the warmer months with its clay base that soaks up excess shine.

“I have really sensitive skin,” Somerville said. “So when I was working with the lab on an exfoliation formula, I wanted something that was gentle and effective… It’s not dealt with as much as it should, but a lot of my clients come in with adult acne. I created this formula for them.” ??And for those on the go? Another exfoliatoralso a new releaseis the nifty new Clinic To Go resurfacing peel pad. Each buffing pad comes in a handy, little travel-friendly package and is bursting with lactic acid and sage leaf extracts. “I’ve been working on getting this right for the last two years!” Somerville said. “It helps reduce pore size.” ??

Of course with all this peeling and resurfacing, sunscreen and a wide-brim hat are a must.
And for those already battling sunspots, Somerville’s new, retinol-based Overnight Discoloration Perfector from her Complexion Correction series is a good place to start. Chang spotted (no pun intended) results in about three weeks. ??Lastly, a visit to the esthetician will keep that dermis happy. Those in L.A. can stop into the medi-clinic for extra pampering, but perhaps soon, so can beauty buffs in New York. “We’re still hunting for the right real estate,” Somerville shared. “But we’re definitely hoping to open a clinic in NYC too. Although it’ll be tough to be bi-coastal; I have a nine-year old at home.”

Photo: Chris Weeks, WireImage

Meredith Barnett is the Editorial Director for The Inside Source, a digital style magazine presented by eBay. The Inside Source writer Bee-Shyuan Chang authored this article in its original form. Click here to read it in full and to check out the other beauty items Somerville relies on.