Get Scandalous U.K. Style


Common fashion goal: incorporate as much of Kate Moss into our lives as possible. (Minus the coke and Pete Doherty hiccups, of course.) If you’re in the mood for something a tad sassier than your staple Frederic Fekkai hair products, you might have to start importing from the U.K. Hairstylist and Kate Moss’ business partner, James Brown, has designed a line of 12 hair products for British drugstore Boots created for the sole purpose of partying.

Brown dubbed it Scandalous, and if you want to roll with the cheeky Brit chicks, you can order the products online and have Rock Chick Wave Spray, Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo, and Flaunt It Firm Hair Spray. Moss was a behind the scenes contributor to the haircare line.

The brand is looking to launch in the U.S. sometime within the next year, perhaps, accompanying a new Kate Topshop line? Just don’t try and channel the mischievous model too much… you wouldn’t want The Mirror catching on.