Get The Matte Lip Look With These Tips

Rachel Adler

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Choosing a lip color has never been an easy task, and now we’ve taken it up a notch or two by adding in the “matte factor.” This season, matte lips are all the rage, giving a sexy sophistication to your makeup look. For our Bisous + Bijoux editorial we tried out a variety of matte lip colors, and makeup artist Cheyenne Timperio gaves us a couple of pointers on achieving the matte effect. First of all, she noted that you always want to start the process with a great moisturizing balm, but then remove that balm completely so that the lip isn’t greasy. You can also cover the lip with powder before you apply the color so that the lip color will stay longer.

To achieve the deep burgundy lip in our editorial, Cheyenne used Sarah from Jouer. To coordinate such a dramatic color with the eyes, she chose a lighter eye shadow, and mentioned the she often likes to work with a “wet” eye look balancing off of the matte lip look. She finished by saying that anything that has shimmer on the eye works well with a matte lip.

Photo Courtesy of Joey D’Arco for Beauty High