10 Ways to Get Hair Volume Instantly Without a Curling Iron

hair volume

Photo: ImaxTree

Sexy, bombshell hair will never go out of style, and limp strands are not at all alluring. For those days when you want instant volume without the hassle (and time commitment) of a curling iron, we’ll show you 10 fool-proof ways how to add volume to your hair in minutes.

Tease at the Root
Teasing may be an old-school tactic, but it’s still a go-to method for hairstylists because it really works. For first-time teasers, here’s how it works: Gather hair at the crown of the head and backcomb two to three-inch sections down the roots. Then, brush through with your fingertips to soften the look.

Root Lifting Spray
Add a root-lifting spray, such as L’Oreal EverStyle Alcohol-Free Volume Root Lifting Spray ($7, lorealparisusa.com), to your roots and just above your ears. Brush through with your fingertips for added oomph and texture. Bonus: because it’s alcohol-free, this formula doesn’t weigh hair down or dry it out!

Dry Hair Upside Down
Skipping the brush and drying hair upside down allows gravity to lift your strands away from the scalp. To lock in the volume even further, flip your head over again and spritz on some volumizing spray, such as Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray ($18, aveda.com).

Switch Your Part
This is really the easiest trick of all — just switch which side you part your hair for an instant lift. To ensure a deep part, take a comb and draw a line starting from the eyebrow, moving diagonally back to the center of the crown. Voila, instant volume!

Get a Layered Cut
Adding layers to long or short hair adds volume without any daily maintenance. If you have fine hair, request soft layers at the chin. For medium to thick hair, ask for choppy layers throughout.

At-Home Blowout
Pro tip: when blow-drying your hair, wrap a round brush around the roots of your hair to keep the roots lifted. No product necessary!

Yes, Scrunch Your Hair
To get movement on the ends and volume at the root, apply a sea salt spray to towel-dried hair, then scrunch with your fingertips and let air-dry. Our favorite spray on the market is Bumble and bumble Surf Spray ($27, bumbleandbumble.com) — it’s perfect for fine hair and lasts all day.

Sleep in Buns
No time in the morning? Twist hair into a bun (or many) before you hit the sack. Just take damp, towel-dried hair, separate into large or small sections, then twist and securing with bobby pins. Always forgo elastics to prevent harsh markings on strands.

Use the Right Shampoo
Harsh shampoos can strip your hair, making it even more flat. Maintain volume with a volumizing shampoo like Living Proof Full Shampoo ($24, livingproof.com). This sulfate-free formula is packed with surfactants that cleanse the hair without pulling it down.

Clip in Natural-Looking Extensions
For instant volume that you can ditch in a flash, opt for temporary extensions, like She by SO.CAP.USA Clip-In Hair Extensions. The pieces attach just like a hair clip and are just as easy to remove. For a strong hold, part your hair where you want extra volume, tease, add hairspray, and clip in.

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