Get Fit By “Juicing Up”

Juice Improves Fitness

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Who hasn’t jumped on the juice cleanse bandwagon this year? Currently I am “indulging” in a juice cleanse that consists of almond milk, fruit and greens. While I am partaking in the trend for the benefit of losing weight (I broke my leg and I refuse to get fat during hibernation), others are using it to add a little kick to their fitness routine. Steriods are so last season.

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According to The New York Times, many elite athletes, including Olympians performing in London right now, are turning to beetroot and tart cherry juice to boost their performances. But before you chug some of the good stuff on your next trip to the gym, check out what recent studies have found to make these juices most effective.

A study last year showed that cyclists who drank beetroot juice before a time trial saw a three percent increase in performance. The juice improves blood and oxygen flow to muscles, as well as increasing muscles’ use of oxygen. However, research has shown that it will make a smaller difference in longer races, such as a marathon.

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To get the best results, drink the juice on a regular basis. A study found that volunteers saw an increase in performance by drinking a half-liter of the juice every day.

Tart cherry juice is actually used to relieve strenuous activity by reducing muscle pain and weakness because of its anti-flammatory and  antioxidant capabilities.

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