How to Get Every Last Drop Out of Your Beauty Products

Rachel Adler
Beauty Products

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When you have a favorite beauty product that is part of your daily (or weekly) routine, you never want it to run out. As you get down to it’s last few drops or swipes, you do pretty much everything you can to scrape every last drop out of that product. But, alas, not all beauty product packages are made equally, and actually squeezing a package to get a product out doesn’t work most of the time.

Below, we clue you in on a few of the best tips and tricks for getting the most out of your beauty products, before you run to the store to stock up on more. And while you’re there, you may not even have to pick up extras, since this one will last you so much longer.

Lotions can be one of the hardest products to get every last drop out of. If you’re dealing with a plastic bottle, simply remove the top and cut the neck off with scissors so that it’s large enough to scoop the remaining product out with a spatula or butter knife. You can then store your lotion in a clean tupperware container.

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For shampoo or conditioner, you can add a tiny bit of water into your bottle and shake it to get the last bit out, but it will dilute the product of course so this will be your last few uses. If you have a plastic container – cut it! To cover it, use tape to seal.

Nail Polish:
As you get to the end of a nail polish bottle, it tends to thicken up. To thin it out, use a professional thinner like Seche Restore. If you don’t have that on hand you can also use a little bit of nail polish remover – but use very sparingly. After adding this to the bottle gently roll the bottle back and forth between your hands (shaking it up and down will add air bubbles).

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When it comes to your favorite lipstick, the best thing to do when you start running down your tube is to melt it down into a palette. Scoop the lipstick out onto a metal spoon, hold it over a candle and let it melt. Then pour it into your palette.

Lip Gloss:
Your lip gloss wand isn’t always the most flexible of tools, so it can be hard to get every last drop out of your container. In comes Sephora’s Swoon Lip Gloss Pick Up Artist, designed to fit into your tube and flex around to scoop up any leftover gloss.

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