Blogger Geri Hirsch Teaches Us the Right (and Easy) Way to Organize Our Beauty Products

Rachel Krause

When it comes to makeup organization, we’ll take all the tips we can get. We’ll go out on a limb and say there’s nothing more challenging to keep in order than beauty products—for most of us, there’s just so many of them, and it’s hard to find not only the space but also the spare time to get everything in order. Fortunately for us, Because I’m Addicted blogger Geri Hirsch worked with The Estée Edit to narrow down the entire process into seven easy steps … or at least, she makes it look easy.

Just getting started on your own organizational adventure? We’re here for you. The first place to start is with the right storage containers. “It’s all about mixing acrylic organizers with cool household items like vintage silver trays, little crystal bobbles, and some sort of tall glass for brushes,” Geri recommends. “I like to have fun with it and always switch things up.” And just because you have limited counter space doesn’t mean you should give up your dreams of a perfectly organized collection. “Build vertically,” Geri says. “There are all sorts of stackable and modular containers that work great for limited space.” Problem solved!

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