Georgia Fowler’s Genius Skin Care Hack Involves Olive Oil and Cold Cream

Georgia Fowler’s Genius Skin Care Hack Involves Olive Oil and Cold Cream
Photo: Getty Images

As a Victoria’s Secret model, Georgia Fowler is bound to pick up some genius skin care tips over the years. Given that her work consists of her baring nearly 90 percent of body, the 25-year-old model needs to keep her skin in tip-top shape for runway season. Fortunately for us, Fowler is sharing her tips for healthy, glowing skin, and the secret might be hiding in your kitchen pantry.

In an interview with Marie Claire Australia, Fowler dished on all things beauty, including a mind-blowing skin care hack involving olive oil. For a temporary shiny glow for photoshoots, Fowler said that makeup artists typically spray her down with olive oil before stepping in front of the camera.

And though the cooking ingredient accomplishes the goal of giving Fowler a glistening dew, she doesn’t recommend the hack for everyday use. “On shoots they use olive oil spray, but I wouldn’t recommend that!” she said.

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If you’re looking to recreate her Victoria’s Secret glow on a more everyday level, Fowler recommends Pond’s Cold Cream. The product—which, like most cold creams, is an emulsion of water and oils—contains beeswax, a key ingredient to locking in moisture and providing a day-long glow. “If you want shiny skin on your body, you can use Ponds cold cream and it gives an amazing glow,” Fowler said.

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At only $4.99 at Target, cold cream is a skin care tip worth checking out without breaking your bank. Did we mention that Fowler is also rumored to be dating Nick Jonas? If olive oil and cold cream can land us a pop-star boyfriend too, we’re all ears.