Victoria’s Secret Model Georgia Fowler on Food, Fitness, and Insecurities

Christina Grasso
Victoria’s Secret Model Georgia Fowler on Food, Fitness, and Insecurities
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Victoria’s Secret models are a very rare breed of human, we know this. Personally, before I knew anything about anything, I figured they just came out of the womb all 5-foot-10, covered in glitter with two extra appendages called wings. But as it turns out, there’s much more to it than that, because in addition to being born tall and very glowy, these girls train like it’s “The Hunger Games” or the Olympics, or Black Friday shopping at the local Wal-Mart.

Same goes for New Zealand-born model Georgia Fowler, for whom booking the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year (her first!) was anything but a wonderful stroke of luck (okay, maybe a little bit of luck in the genetics department, but whatever). The 24-year-old has been casting for the show for five years now (major respect for not giving up), after setting it as her goal when she was just 12 years old. Her hard work has finally paid off, and you can catch her walking this year’s show, which airs in all its glittery glory on December 5.

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Read on for Georgia’s fitness favorites, breaking model stereotypes, and facing insecurities (because yes, even VS models have them like the rest of us wing-less plebeians).

SC: First of all, Georgia, can you please confirm you were not born with wings and/or covered in glitter?
GF: I confirm. But that would’ve been fun! [Ed note: I’m still skeptical]

SC: What was your reaction booking the show?
GF: I was ecstatic! I still can’t even put it into words or explain the emotions, I was in shock, burst into tears of joy, and am still emotional thinking about it! I have dreamed of being in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show since I was a child, and grew up with Angels plastered on my diaries. So to be walking in the show with the likes of Angels like Alessandra and Adriana is going to be such a pinch-me moment.

SC: How far in advance did you start preparing for the casting?
GF: Preparation is yearlong—casting directors are aware and watching all year so it’s important to try and stay on their radar and ensure you look and act the part. Though in the lead up to the casting, I will try and sway my Instagram so it’s a little more fitness-orientated, just like in lead up to fashion weeks I tend to post more high fashion editorial. However, I shoot a lot of lingerie year-round so I try to always be in shape, as that’s part of the job. But it is definitely important, even if it’s just mentally for yourself, to feel prepared, so I try and fine-tune by upping my exercise sessions, focusing on my skin-care routine, and increasing water content. It’s important to feel you’ve done everything in your power to be your best!

SC: What’s a typical day like for you?
GF: If I’m not shooting I try and enjoy a slow morning with a coffee on my roof, and maybe a breakfast date with a friend. I always put on my VS workout gear first thing so I have no excuse not to go for a walk and get to the gym from whatever errands I’m running. I will work out with a trainer, or do SLT, boxing, yoga, spin, or my own sculpting exercises. But my trick is to mix it up every day so you are working new muscles and don’t get bored!

SC: What’s the first thing you’re going to eat after the show?
GF: Probably a banana Nutella crepe!

SC: Tell us some fun facts about yourself.
GF: I’m a bit of a geek—friends would describe me as dorky. I play the piano, love studying (I’m mid-way through a Bachelor of Science), I attempt to paint (emphasis on attempt), love a crossword puzzle, and my humor is a bit hit and miss!

SC: What’s one model stereotype you’d like to break?
GF: Can I break them all?! Most models are not remotely unintelligent or stuck up (actually, they’re the most insecure people I know), and they love eating, food, and health, but have just hit the genetic jackpot with long lean limbs and a fast metabolism.

SC: How do you deal with insecurities?
GF: I wish I could say I have no insecurities, but I’m just like anyone else, and actually models are judged upon their looks on a daily basis so it would be hard not to let that affect you. Though when I do hear something negative I try to remember we can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. So I just try to be myself and be my best person by working out and taking care of my health and being confident with that. And ultimately, looks aren’t the world. And as cheesy as it sounds, it really is what’s inside that counts.

We couldn’t agree more on that one, Georgia. Good luck in Paris!