Geode Hair Is the Next Hair Color Trend to Sweep 2017

Lauren Caruso
Kylie Jenner Blue Hair
Photo: Getty Images

Got a minute? Here’s your mid-day roundup of all your need-to-know news in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and beyond.

If Geode the next weird hair color trend that’ll sweep 2017? [Refinery29]

For the love of all things holy, please stop asking for gluten-free makeup. [PopSugar]

Is Amazon secretly building its own fashion empire? [WWD]

Pantene launches product range targeted to African American women called Pantene Gold Series. [Instagram]

Why are so many Insta-bloggers getting into vlogging all of a sudden? (Answer: money.) [Fashionista]

These are the weekend’s best online sales. [Racked]

Apparently Amber Heard’s bisexuality could have made her less successful. Fun world we live in! [Marie Claire]

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