8 Genius Tricks for Your Best Lipstick Ever

Aly Walansky
Photo: ImaxTree

Photo: ImaxTree

A fresh coat of lipstick can instantly revamp your look, carry you through from day to night, or transform you from demure to vixen in seconds flat. But are you really getting the most you can out of your favorite lipstick? We consulted the experts for the top tips and tricks for getting your best lipstick look ever.

Apply lipstick first, then add lip liner.
The lip liner will go on smoother and more easily, and applying lipstick first enables you to see exactly where you need the lip liner, says celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni. Bonus: When your lip color starts to fade, the liner and lipstick will fade away together, sparing you the ill-advised “ring” around your lips.

Only use lip liner to define the shape of your actual lips.
Never create your “own” lip line. Remember, it’s about keeping it natural: You want to enhance your lips, not create new ones, says Annie Mayo, makeup artist and founder of Advanced Mineral Makeup.

Soften lines.
After applying lip liner, trace your finger over it to soften the line. Next, use a concealer lighter than your skin tone to be applied around the very border of your lips to create a bolder look, says Mayo.

Set lipstick for lasting power.
To make your lipstick last all day, apply the shade, blot with a tissue, and dust a thin layer of powder over lips. Next, reapply the lipstick—this will form a base for longer wearing lip coverage, says Mayo.

Try the finger trick.
After applying your lip color, do the “finger trick” to prevent lipstick from getting on your teeth. Put your finger in your mouth and close your lips around your finger. With lips still closed, pull your finger out. Any lip product that would have ended up on your teeth is now on your finger, says Gafni.

Choose the method that works for you.
Where you begin and end your lipstick application doesn’t matter. Some people apply lipstick in the center of their lips and work their way to the outer corners, others start applying on one corner of their lips and draw the lipstick on all the way around. The manner of application is personal preference, says Gafni. It’s the end result that counts.

Cater to your features.
Dark, matte shades will make lips look thinner, while light, glossy, shimmery shades make lips look fuller, says Gafni.

Be mindful of how you use your lips.
Try to drink from a straw instead of putting your lips smack on the edge of a cup or glass where color will rub off, says Wendy Lewis of Beauty In The Bag. The less you eat, drink, kiss, and touch your lips, the longer your lip color will last.

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