Your Everything Guide to Gem-Infused Water

Your Everything Guide to Gem-Infused Water
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Let’s talk about water for a second. We know we should be drinking more of it, yet getting in that recommended 8–10 glasses a day can feel like work. For that reason, nutrition experts have recommended infusing it with flavor, both natural and/or artificial, to make the process more appealing and a tad tastier.

We’re more than used to seeing H20 spiked with fruit or some sort of powder, but as of late, wellness pros are waxing poetic about the mental and physical benefits of adjusting your water’s energy in addition to the taste. Placing gemstones or healing crystals in the bottom of a water pitcher isn’t exactly a new concept, but if you’re new to the world of mystical beauty, there are a few things to know before dunking quartz or amethyst into your bottle.

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What’s a Gemstone Anyway?

For starters, know the difference between a crystal and gemstone, two terms that people tend to use interchangeably. According to Andrea Barone, chartered herbalist, reiki healer and founder of Crystal Hills, a true gemstone earns that name when it’s cut, faceted and polished.

“For instance, you can buy beautiful rose quartz crystals anywhere in the range from $20 to $100, but if you wanted gemstone quality to incorporate it into a piece of jewelry, then the price would significantly increase,” she says.

Jenn Heim, founder of Jemma Sands, also stated that a gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal that, when cut and polished, is used to make jewelry. “Gemstones have physical properties that have aesthetic value in addition to aesthetic beauty,” she says. And, yes, they’re also being used in ready-made, gem-infused water bottles.

Chakras 101

Gemstones are often used in crystal therapy, but outside of the beauty benefits (more on this later), their base purpose is to help keep your chakras balanced. According to Barone, these are considered to be the “energy centers” along the spine that are located at major branching points for the human nervous system, including the forehead, heart and stomach. 

“When our chakras are balanced and functioning properly, they spin and allow energy to flow throughout our bodies. A healer may say that your chakras are unbalanced or they need to be realigned if they are sensing that they are blocked, imbalanced or underactive,” she says. Beyond the more spiritual connection, many experts believe that gemstones also harness the ability to improve our body’s inner and outer systems, hence the growing popularity of placing them in the water we drink. 

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Are There Beauty Benefits?

According to Heim, generally speaking, when gemstones become part of your wellness routine, both in meditation and drinking, they can promote balanced, brightened and clear skin as gemstones help realign the chakras; however, there is currently no scientific evidence to prove this true.

“Amethyst is believed to help purify and detoxify skin—it is the energy from the crystal interacting with human cells that undergoes a change,” she says. Barone agrees that the wellness benefits of gemstones include experiencing and maintaining harmony, vitality and optimum health in the body. And while there is no current scientific research being conducted that she’s aware of, “there is a lot of historical documentation to show that crystals have been used for thousands of years which does seem to indicate their effectiveness.”

“For instance, many people may think of a quartz crystal as something that powers computers, radios and watches with its electromagnetic and piezoelectric properties. Now consider how this crystal may help the human body as it amplifies energy and balances the body,” she says. “Incorporating this type of crystal into your daily routine can positively adjust your vibrational field, thus affecting your physical body.”

Another popular option, rose quartz, is said to lift our vibration to the pure energy of unconditional love. And Barone says it is also known for stimulating circulation, softening the skin and bestowing a healthy pink glow to the skin. “Using a beauty product with rose quartz, like our Crystal Love Sugar Scrub or Body Serum, can leave someone with gloriously soft skin.”

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The Water Connection

So what makes gemstone-infused water so popular? In short, H20 provides a vehicle for one or a couple of them to power up those chakras or electromagnetic properties from the inside out. Or in simpler terms, Barone says creating a crystal or gemstone elixir is a great way to transfer the energetic properties of the crystal to the water that you will be drinking or using externally as a skin-care preparation. 

Additionally, many people agree that water does taste subtly different—perhaps crisper—after it has been treated with crystals or gems. However, note that this likely will not change the chemical makeup of the water itself.

“I would say that gemstones are unable to change the chemical makeup of water as its chemical formula is H2O, meaning that each of its molecules contains two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to a single oxygen atom,” says Barone. “You can, however, alter the pH level of water to make it more alkaline, depending on what you add to it. When someone says alkaline water, they are referring to a higher pH level of the water.”

So if you prefer bottled or alkaline water to tap, this is something you handle yourself; the gemstones can’t magically adjust for you.

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Power Combos

There are two ways to go about making gem-infused water. The first (and maybe less popular) option is do-it-yourself. After properly cleaning and charging your crystals, you can choose a combination that best fits your mood or goal, place it in an empty container and fill to the top with water.

“Different stone combinations help enhance your water with specific energetic benefits suited your lifestyle—I would say stone selection is a very personal expression,” says Heim. “For example, I think moonstone is great for healing, crystal quartz for clarity and realigning the chakras, sodalite and rutilated quartz for inspiration, lapis lazuli for balance and rose quartz for love.

If you’re looking to reduce anxiety or stress, Barone recommends a combination of blue lace agate, shungite, lepidolite and chalcedony. For fatigue, try a mix of pyrite, apatite and red aventurine. And if you’re looking for creative inspiration, pair up lapis lazuli, citrine, amazonite and moonstone.

You should also always consult with a knowledgeable practitioner and be sure your crystals are safe to use, as some may release toxic substances.

“It is also imperative to make sure that you are buying from a reputable dealer so that you get a natural crystal and not an imitation. Additionally, it is important that crystals have not been lab altered, color treated or impregnated with artificial resin.”

Alternatively, if you don’t trust your gem or crystal shopping skills, there’s always the option of investing in a bottle that already has crystals encased inside. However, note that this will cost you more.

“I have been using VitaJuwel water bottles for a little over a year—I love that you can interchange the gemstones to have different options,” says Heim. “I also make my own face and room spray using a mix of moonstone, labradorite, crystal quartz, amazonite and lapis gemstones—very calming and super cleansing.” If you’re ready to give gem-infused water a try, ahead are three top-rated bottles to get you started.

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STYLECASTER | Your Everything Guide to Gem-Infused Water | VitaJuwel Bottle


VitaJuwel Five Elements Gem-Water Bottle

Infused with amethyst, chalcedony, petrified wood, rose quartz and ocean agate to inspire balance in all aspects of your life.

$98 at Jemma Sands

STYLECASTER | Your Everything Guide to Gem-Infused Water | Suji Bottle


Soji Amethyst Quartz Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

This purple stone is renowned for its ability to lead the body into a more meditative, calm state.

$80 at Soji Energy

STYLECASTER | Your Everything Guide to Gem-Infused Water | Glacce Bottle


Glacce Black Obsidian Bottle

This sultry stone is one of the more potent options out there, meant to bring out your strong, confident side.

$100 at Glacce