Game of Thrones: How to Get the Bold Brows and Braids From the Hit Show

In anticipation of the premiere of “Game of Thrones” Season 4 on HBO this Sunday (April 6) at 9 p.m., we decided to try and copy some of the amazing beauty looks sported by our favorite characters—you know, should we ever need to attack a direwolf or command a dragon.

Queen Cersei and “Mother of Dragons” Daenerys Targaryen may be fighting for the same throne, but they’re united by their killer brows, which make us want to stop tweezing. They also both have hair that inspires us to create our own crown of braids—or dye our hair a smoky auburn.

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“Game of Thrones” may take place in a fictional place and time with mythical, medieval references—hello, knights and “wildlings”—but the hair and makeup is surprisingly apt for modern day, especially since the latest spring looks (like those from the Spring 2013 runways) call for bold brows, sculpted cheekbones, and ethereal braided hairstyles.

To get the look, we went straight to the experts (who were also huge “Game of Thrones” fans). Romero Jennings, senior artist for MAC Cosmetics, taught us how to sculpt and highlight the face, properly apply a bold brow, and get the perfect flesh-toned lip. Britney Williams for Bumble and Bumble styled model Linka’s hair with consistent waves and a wrap-around braid—the exact style seen on our favorite “Game of Thrones” maidens. One thing is for sure, if you replicate these looks at home, you’ll be ready to wield a sword in no time.