Gaga for Gobo


You could argue that New York has everything, or at least, that you have access to everything. High-end clothes, bargain clothes, every type of food, drink, or person you could imagine. That said, for some reason I find it a constant challenge to find healthy food. Because life gets so hectic here it’s difficult to go to the grocery store and you really have to rely on local delis and restaurants. But finding an organic apple and hormone-free yogurt at your local bodega is as common as finding a cab in the rain on 5th Avenue during rush hour.

Last week I was invited to Gobo for lunch with the the Sak’s new Creative Director, Lorae Russo. For starters we were served fresh organic smoothies made out of strawberries, bananas and mango. It was so refreshing I wanted to forgo my entrée and get a second glass! The restaurant is vegan so I chose the veggie burger with sweet potato fries. The food was light, fresh and flavorful. Because I truly believe that we are what we eat, I’m going to be frequenting Gobo on the regular.Gobo
401 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10014
nr. Waverly Pl.