New Device Promises To Train You To Have Better Orgasms

Leah Bourne
luna smart bead New Device Promises To Train You To Have Better Orgasms

Photo Via LELO

Talk about discouraging: According to a recent survey by Swedish-based sex toy maker LELO, women aren’t reaching their full potential when it comes to having orgasms. According to the survey, 76 percent of women only experience the “wave” of an orgasm, lasting for less than six seconds, and only 4 percent are “fully satisfied” with the strength of their orgasms. As far as those much sought after multiple orgasms, only 33 percent of women responded that they’ve experienced them, and only 17 percent say they even try to go back for seconds. Here’s the kicker—11 percent of women say that they’ve never experienced an orgasm in general.

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The findings led LELO to develop The Luna Smart Bead—essentially a personal trainer for orgasms. The device uses touch sensors to calculate your orgasm potential, and then sets about developing a training regimen. Here’s how it works: You contract your pelvic floor muscles when it vibrates and rest when it stops during the “training session” that lasts about five minutes. The Luna Smart Bead then adjusts future routines based on your progress, helping you achieve longer, stronger orgasms over time.

The device is essentially a tool to help you do those all important Kegel exercises you’ve heard about (essentially strengthening the muscles that help you stop the flow of pee). Many women have a hard time finding those muscles, which is why The Luna Smart Bead will come in handy.

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“With the busy lives women lead, often juggling a relationship, a career, and family—it can be difficult to find the time for any dedicated routine,” Scott Thomson, CEO of LELO, said in an interview with The Daily Dot. “It’s a similar story with going to the gym, which is why the idea of hiring personal trainers is so appealing—they help you get the most out of exercise, in a short space of time. So what we did was take this concept, and apply it to a product that would help women train to enjoy orgasms more intensely.”

LELO’s Luna Smart Bead is available for $109 at LELO.

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