Cue the Awws—Gabrielle Union & Her Daughter Are Twinning at Home in Matching Curls

Elizabeth Denton
Cue the Awws—Gabrielle Union & Her Daughter Are Twinning at Home in Matching Curls
Photo: Shutterstock.

If there are any good things to come out of being home for weeks, it’s the attention many of us are giving to ourselves. Call it self-care or call it boredom but skipping makeup for skincare and shunning blowouts for airdrying can feel pretty nice. It might even make you appreciate your natural beauty, as is the case with Gabrielle Union’s natural hair. The actress posted a video to her Instagram Stories in which she’s playing with her strong, healthy curls. “When your natural locks appreciate the lock down,” she captioned the post.

Union didn’t just show off how bomb her curls look. She also teased that an upcoming product is “in the lab” from her Flawless by Gabrielle Union haircare line. This secret product seemingly helped get her curls looking so hydrated and shiny. Her hairstylist Larry Sims posted a comment saying, “Let’s Gooooooo!!!!!” so he’s obviously in on the secret.

There’s another person who really appreciates Union’s natural curls: everyone’s favorite baby on Instagram, Kaavia James Union Wade. Union shared a beautiful photo of the duo, in which Kaavia is grasping onto her mom’s curls that look just like hers. “See @kaaviajames mama’s got hair like yours!!” Union wrote. “When I took my braids out she was like 👀🤔 now mom & baby both rocking their natural curls.” So sweet.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Union’s natural hair. Like many celebrities, Union wears wigs and extensions to protect her natural hair from all the heat and styling damage she has to do every day for work. But about six months ago, she showed off her curls in a cool, asymmetrical cut. We stan a woman—a mom—who can not only do both but can do it all.