Gabrielle Union Flaunts Her Freckles and Flawless Skin in Makeup-Free Selfie

Gabrielle Union Flaunts Her Freckles and Flawless Skin in Makeup-Free Selfie

Instagram is full of adventurous beauty inspo, but sometimes it can trick you into thinking that every occasion requires a full makeup beat. Thankfully, we have people like Gabrielle Union who bring us back to reality with their stunning, makeup-free selfies.

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Yesterday, the 45-year-old (seriously, what?!) actress posted a close-up shot of her bare face with the caption, “Fresh from my facial with @skinbytatum No makeup. No filter. Just freckles and a taste for chocolate ❤💃🏾🙆🏾‍♀️🤗 #isthatalilmustache.” Not only are we loving the photo for its stripped-down aesthetic, but with the added hashtag, she also reminds us that celebs face the same hairy battles we do.

This isn’t the first time Union has displayed her naked face, either. In November 2017, she posted two selfies at once and wrote, “And when they try to come for you and try to “makeup shame you… got something for that tooooo 😴😐😑🖐🏾💃🏿👀.” While still standing up for natural beauty in this post, she also makes a point to knock down makeup-shamers. We love seeing a woman secure in her beauty—whether natural or not—and honestly, Union has a lot to brag about.

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We’re definitely adding Union to the list of celebs, including Alicia Keys and Tyra Banks, who have shed the demand to always look 100 percent put together. If embracing our natural beauty means looking as good as these women, we’ll gladly follow in their footsteps.