We’re Calling It: @lowcheekbones Is the Funniest New Account on Instagram

Christina Grasso
We’re Calling It: @lowcheekbones Is the Funniest New Account on Instagram
Photo: Instagram/@lowcheekbones

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of parody accounts on Instagram to follow for a good giggle. Among them are the usual meme-making suspects (hi, @girlwithnojob), and some who fly somewhat under the radar—until now.

Allow us to introduce you to your newest Instagram obsession: Caroline Solomon, aka @lowcheekbones. At press time, she has just south of 20k followers, which certainly isn’t nothing, but it’s far fewer than we’d expect after scrolling through her brilliant, fall-out-of-your-chair hilarious feed. We dare you to stop scrolling.

Solomon, a former beauty editor at a top magazine in New York, started making these videos last April. “I was feeling uninspired by the beauty content I was producing and the voice didn’t really resonate with me at all. At the same time, there were so many ridiculous products floating around the beauty department that ended up on the giveaway table, and I really thought we could parody them in some way,” she told us.

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Now, Solomon regularly shares her, er, unconventional beauty wisdom and vital life hacks with her followers, like how to steam one’s face the New York City way, and how to achieve the perfect lighting for an Instagram in a discreet manner.

These days, I get my inspiration for weird makeup tutorials mostly from looking at trash in my neighborhood, like gross Newport Cigarette cartons or crushed coffee cups,” she said. “My fashion lewks come from observing people on the street and seeing what’s exploded style-wise, like those fuzzy pom pom purse baubles.”

As for that name? “I came up with the name ‘low cheekbones’ when my boyfriend and I were brainstorming anti-beauty terms,” Solomon, who actually has envy-inducing cheekbones, said.

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